Growing Flowers & Cooking Good Food

I've been mesmerized by The Magnolia Network on Discovery Plus with all the quality content they produce.

I've never wanted to get my hands dirtier than after watching shows like Growing FloretHome GrownThe Lost Kitchen, Restoration Road with Clint, or even First Time Fixer.

What has been resonating in me with these shows, is more about telling the story of an underdog and how they've overcome - and the thing is, they're just like the rest of us.

It's easy to put them on a pedestal as we see/follow them on their platforms now (with all their crazy success) but that's not where they started. That's not where any of us start... They started just like me - just like you. With a dream and some goals - and they made it happen.

Like the owner of The Oak Knoll Lodge - she's renovating an Inn and put all her money into that project. As she's doing that, she's living in an RV (on the property) to save money. THAT HITS SO CLOSE TO HOME!! I mean, we're going to do the exact thing - minus the INN. We're going to build our New Home in the Country but we're going to live on the property within our 5th wheel (while also converting our Garage into our Guest Quarters as well).

So I know!! Life isn't glamorous by any means right now but this is life - sometimes it's really hard and you go through seasons of sacrifice. However, even as we go through this season, bigger dreams are being fulfilled. We're building our DREAM FARMHOUSE!! I mean - pinch me, please!!

I'm so grateful for the sacrifice and the hardships we've gone through because we're appreciating it all so much now. It's not done yet but in the midst of planning and waiting, we're grateful and HASHTAG B.L.E.S.S.E.D.

I'll be sharing a ton more once we're officially on the property so make sure to follow me on