Dear little one,

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl! 01-22-2020 - 7lbs 11oz – 11:54 AM – We welcomed you with open arms!

You were born in a CRAZY time – crazier year! I will never forget watching the news in the hospital room and the 1st Coronavirus case was being reported in Bellevue, Washington and I thought, ‘Wow, that’s wild. We have family friends in that area. I sure hope that’s the only case in the US.’ Boy, was I wrong!

You're not considered a COVID baby – we didn’t have any issues with hospital visits, post-check-ups, etc. However it went south really fast after that; like everyone else, we were confined to our home without doing much of anything for the next year.

Even though being a Stay-at-Home Mom (while starting a photography business) with a toddler & newborn in the midst of a pandemic was hard – I have loved being a mom to two beautiful girls. Elliana Grace – you have brought so much light & happiness to our family. Mellowness to the madness that is the Burrows Clan. You made Tinley a big sister & Dad twice as paranoid.

Happy 1st Birthday to my Baby! Looking forward to what is to come!