Recognition by Storyteller Magazine

In a recent blog post, I shared a few images of a 2020 Fall Family Session from Bastrop, Texas - and one image was selected and highlighted in Storytell Magazine - Family Edition. Normally I submit my images to these publications and if I get recognized, it's not too great of a deal... but this one is different. I am really proud of these images.

As of today (Monday, December 14th, 2020), this has been the best Family Session that I've had thus far. The images come to life - I've finally mastered (well, not mastered because improvement is always there) but I've really practiced and shaped my skills when it comes to guiding/prompting my families. Sometimes I still get a little nervous thinking that the family will be annoyed with my prompts or suggestions but that, once again, is in my head. Thank goodness I haven't had anyone really push back when it comes to my posing style.

But back to this family, I really really REALLY felt comfortable with this family. Not sure why I felt more comfortable with them than others but I loved it...

So please enjoy the beauty that is this Family and feature in Storyteller Magazine.

Fall Family Session published in Storyteller Magazine with Natalia Burrows Photography