Lots of parents (including myself 🙋🏼‍♀️) feel overwhelmed with the thought of having professional pictures taken and the kids not behaving. Here are 3 helpful tips & tricks:

1. Shoot them as they are & know their limits.

Kids are kids for a reason - it's in their nature to be silly, emotional, fun, raw, and everything in between. So let them! Believe it or not but those are the candid moments photographers look for.

But remember, we all have our limits and kids usually reach those a lot quicker than adults. Come prepared with snacks, toys, etc.

2. Throw out the Pinterest posing guide.

Pinterest is great for inspiration! Don't get me wrong; I pin like my life depends on it however have you ever thought, 'How do they have such care free, flawless images?' Because they're not running around trying to get the children to pose BUT rather running around because they're playing games with them. They are playing Simon Says. They are being tickled by their parents. Those candid images look care free because they were - not posed, just raw & true.

3. Get down on their level & have fun.

To take a beautiful candid images, you must remember not to always be shooting down at children. Instead, get down to their level, talk to them, show them your camera... let them feel comfortable around you. Once they open up, the sweet moments are endless.

Whether you're taking professional photos or having a family member take your Holiday pictures, keep these 3 easy tips in mind to a smooth photography session.