Y'all, it's true - we're moving (back) to the Pacific Northwest. So this has been a difficult decision for our family - one where we've lost hours upon hours of sleep and had the EXACT SAME discussions over & over again.

Should we move back to the Pacific Northwest?

When we sat back and put everyone else's feelings aside on what we should do, we asked ourselves the most important question, 'What is best for our family RIGHT NOW?' When you break the question down like that, the answer was more simple to see - it's best for our family to be:

  1. Healthy 2. Together 3. Surrounded by Support

For those of you that know my husband, he is one hard worker and insanely talented. Since he's so good at what he does, it's tough when he's expected to preform well at his job as well as other people's jobs.. It's tough when he gets a phone call for work and has to pick up and leave at a moments notice to clean up someone else's mess. It's tough on his body when he drives 12 hours to check on a job, then has to end up working on that job, then drives home within a short time frame. That lifestyle is not normal - that is not healthy on any individual or family - especially one with young children and no family near us to help.

So what is best for our Family right now? It's best for our family for my husband (their dad) to be healthy and rest his body from the CONSTANT travel. It's best for our family to spend quality time together - to take a VACATION for heaven's sake! - And that vacation is to a destination of choice not to see family since we happen to live so far away. Please don't get me wrong, we love seeing our families - obviously it's #3 on my list of why we're moving. What I mean by that statement is we would like to spend our hard earned money & time on vacationing in places that are new and exciting. Somewhere fun for the girls to experience and tell their friends in the future.

And lastly, it's best for our family to be surrounded by a positive & loving support system. For the time being, we'll be at my parent's house until we find our new home. My kids will be able to spend quality time with their grandparents and even learn Russian (which is so exciting for me).

I, as their Mama, want to get healthier. I'm not as worried about the physical as I am the mental - because I sure am tired... This feeling is also magnified because we're currently with my husband (on his work trip) in Missouri - stuck in a hotel with a teething baby that hasn't let me sleep in 3 nights. I can't break her fever, I can't get her to sleep, I can't seem to help her with her pain... I need help and my husband needs to be on his job site...

So right now, this move across the country can't come fast enough.

But I've been a Stay-at-Home mom for almost 3 years now and that's hard as well. I haven't surrounded myself with help much less asked for it. That was my first mistake. Moms - if I could give you one piece of advice, you need to ask for help. You must help yourself before you can be of any help to others.

So here I am, one tired mom asking for help and making moves with my family to better us as a whole.