Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is around the corner and most of us have the same thought, "What are we going to get Dad?" Chances are, Dad already has everything he needs - tools, BBQ equipment, coffee mugs, and/or hats.... and trying to get Dad onboard with another Photography Session is straight-up NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Totally - I get it; I've been there.

However, that may not be his fault. Perhaps in his mind, he has an idea or past experience of what it was like and just doesn't want to go through that. But does he know that a Family Lifestyle Session or better - a 'Daddy & Me' session is just about him and the kids playing, joking around, walking, talking, and enjoying their time together..? Probably not. He doesn't need to dress fancy - casual will do just fine. Does he need to smile for every single snap of my camera - absolutely not! I usually tell my clients that they will not look at the camera 90% of the time. I want authentic and candid moments - and then when I feel like the time is right, I will have everyone look at me for a few seconds. No posing, no awkward silence, NOTHING. Just him & the kiddos.

Doesn't sound too bad now does it! If you are looking to have some 'Daddy & Me' sessions, please send me a message at Natalia_Burrows@outlook.com