Full Sessions vs. Mini Sessions

Mini Sessions are great - they're short in length, less expensive, and serve a specific purpose but let's talk about the difference between Full Sessions and Mini Sessions.

👉 Time - You can get much more photographed in an hour vs. 20 minutes. Now the idea isn't more because you get roughly the same amount of images for both but the quality of creativity is much higher. Much more details in your interactions, intimacy, or even attire will be captured within a Full Session vs a Mini Session.

👉 Price - Let's address the 🐘 in the room. Full Sessions aren't necessary less expensive. My Mini Sessions have an option of 3 packages - 1st option is less than a Full {Family} Session, 2nd option is roughly the same, and the 3rd is more expensive. While you might get slightly a better deal in price (not by much) - however you get less time, no say in Location, or image variation, and less creative control.

👉 Purpose - Mini Sessions are geared for a purpose right.? Christmas Minis are to send out Holiday Cards or Valentine's Day Minis are to post on Facebook to share with family & friends. But what about Family photos in order to update pictures for the mantel or to create a beautiful, creative leather bound album for the coffee table.?

These images are meant to be printed and passed down to future generations. One day (hopefully not soon) but Facebook will be a thing of the past and all those images that we loved and posted then forgot about may be lost. They may be downloaded to a file somewhere on your computer but what good does that do them sitting in a computer file with no one to look at them? We should live in the present of images framed in picture frames, mounted on walls, or printed in albums - past & present.

If you've been contemplating having photos done (Family, Maternity, Couples, or Newborn), let's connect! I want to hear from you about your vision for what you would like. I'm all ears! Let me be apart of this journey with you. Send me an email to Natalia_burrows@outlook.com to schedule a phone call or to inquiry about pricing.

In the meantime, check out some images from my Fall Mini Sessions at Shiraz Garden in Bastrop, TX - https://www.nataliaburrowsphotography.com/blog/fall-mini-sessions-in-bastrop-tx-success/