When Texas meets Montana

This time of year in Central Texas (AKA the Summer), a few choice words come to mind - Hot, Unbearable, Extreme, Blistering or just HELL... It is hotter than hell here in the summer. I almost feel guilty having these Maternity Sessions outdoors - it's almost too much for the expecting moms to handle. Not only that, some of these moms have toddlers that they would like to have their pictures taken with them. So toddlers & pregnant mamas outside in 100+ temperature taking pictures is just cruel.

This family was particularly funny about it because she's from Montana & he's from Texas. I don't think I saw her sweat once. She was graceful from beginning to end - Dad on the other hand had to change his shirt midway through the shoot. So I guess your not less immune to it if you grew up here - either way, it will kick your butt.

This Maternity Session was taken at the beautiful Shiraz Garden in Bastrop, Texas. The great thing about this place - other than the incredible views - is the 200+ acres with HUGE trees and the Colorado River running right through the property. We were able to get quite a bit of different looks without having to travel really far. Shiraz Garden is quite the hidden gem in Bastrop. TAKE A LOOK!

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