Groups benefit graduating High School students in Central Texas.

In trying to keep up with the status of our local & national economy, newest Covid-19 hotspot, human life recovered or lost; I tend to forget about our High School Seniors. Most of these young adults were born the year of 9/11, went to kindergarten during the 2008 recession, and now the Covid-19 virus that stole their Senior year experiences such as prom, athletic competitions, or even walking across a stage in a traditional cap & gown.

Several online groups have been gaining traction to show support to High School Seniors around the country. They are called "Adopt a High School Senior" with a focus on your specific location. You can request to join a Facebook group and find a High School Senior to 'adopt' and send them letters of encouragement & support, gifts, or even in my case, a complimentary Senior Portrait Session.

This is just a way we can support and encourage our local youth to keep their heads up and be positive. We WILL get through this together. So check one of these groups out on Facebook! I just joined today so I'm looking forward to 'adopting' a Senior and trying to meet their needs. Who knows what will come of this but I feel like spreading positivity never backfired on anyone.

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