Showing Love to Married Couples during a Family Session

Even during a LARGE family session (or a small one), I always try & pull all the couples aside for a little more 'intimate' photos together... Whether they have been married for 3 years or 30 years - it's going to happen.

When you think about it, when was the last time a married couple had a 'couples' session of just the two of them....?

That's right, their Wedding Day!

Well, just as families grow with the seasons and they want to document that change every year to show their kids in the future; it is the same thing for couples.

We place a huge emphasis on family (and as we totally should!) however, I don't think that means putting our significant other on the 'it's not as important' list. I've been there - DONE THAT! I'm going on my 4 year of marriage and I totally do it. I've found myself giving advice to others about the significance of Date Night or Couples Sessions and then turn around and say, ohh we don't have time for date night. We don't need to take a mini-getaway to reconnect or spend that money on us - but what I've come to realize is that when you don't prioritize what is important, it loses its meaning. It's no longer important.

I've been through a season of "My Kids Come First" but when I took a step back and thought, 'I will ALWAYS take care of my children so I need to make an effort to prioritize my relationship'... because hands-down, I will always take care of my children. Truth be told, prioritizing my marriage has been the best thing for my kids.

Happier parents make for happier children - it's just logical - what comes from us will trickle down to them.

So calling all married couples (with or without children) - let's update the photos of the two of you together. Whether time has changed your appearance for better or worse - whatever it may be - and it will always be something but make the choice today to prioritize your relationship. Leave your love story as a legacy for future generations.


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