Front Porch Sessions

This past weekend was simply bliss! It felt so great to get outside, meet 3 new beautiful families (get them outside), and take pictures during this crazy pandemic. They wanted to capture this unique moment in our lifetime through images and of course, with more than 6 feet of distance. We will all look back and think/share/discuss our experiences during this time but a photo truly says a thousand words. Whether silly or serious and everything in-between, we have these images to pass on and tell future generations our individual stories.

Take time to document. During this Stay-At-Home order, all we have is time. So use that time for something meaningful. Take pictures; Print those pictures. Write journal entries. Send letters (yes, with paper)…. before we know it, we will be back to normal. Normal is where we all would like to be but before we get there, take time to enjoy your time.

Natalia Burrows Photography specializes in Couples Session & Engagements, Families, and Maternity photography.