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I had the privilege of being interviewed for Canva Rebel Magazine soooo I had to share!! Check out the article live at this link: Meet Natalia Burrows - CanvasRebel Magazine


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Alright, Natalia thanks for taking the time to share your stories and insights with us today. What do you think matters most in terms of achieving success?

I think consistency & passion are the keys to being successful. If you are passionate about something, you need to consistently hone into that craft. Learn everything you can about it and then practice practice practice. Sometimes it may feel like being consistent is not moving the needle, but it is. It’s building a solid foundation for your business because overnight success isn’t a thing.

Natalia, love having you share your insights with us. Before we ask you more questions, maybe you can take a moment to introduce yourself to our readers who might have missed our earlier conversations?

My name is Natalia Burrows and I’m a Lifestyle Family & Motherhood Photographer near the Waco area. I’m a Mama to three beautiful girls & a Husky named Boomer. I have a wonderful Husband and we love to fix things up & travel (when we have the time).

I have always loved photos – when I was younger, I LOVED scrapbooking and creating accordion books (of fun memories) for others as gifts. That was like my ‘love language’ – I would gift things that I made but more specifically, it would be in the form of pictures. Never did I think my love of capturing memories (and gifting them) would translate into a Photography Business.

Now I story tell through a digital medium but I’m still capturing memories and creating beautiful heirlooms (in the form of albums & physical prints) for clients to have & pass down to future generations.

Since I’m a big advocate of possessing Family Heirlooms (Physical Prints/Albums), I edit images in a way that will stand the test of time. I’m not big on current trends that might be popular now but outdated later in life. I edit as true to life as possible, that way the images are always timeless.

I’m very proud of my business – I’ve created this from the ground up (self-taught) while being a stay-at-home mom. It has been anything but easy but it’s so rewarding to look back and see what I’ve done. It’s one of the most rewarding feelings – that and having repeat clients. Having repeat clients is the biggest compliment ever!

What’s been the best source of new clients for you?

Word of Mouth! 100% – The best source of new clients is previous clients recommending you. They will be your biggest & loudest advocates. Strive to deliver excellent customer service and the rest will come!

How did you build your audience on social media?

Building an audience on Social Media isn’t always easy especially if the various Social Media platforms consistently change something like the algorithm. My best advice is, no matter what happens, be consistent and be authentic to who you are & who you serve.

Of course, if you follow the tips & tricks to what the algorithm favors, you will see results faster but if your goal is to serve your clients, then you will grow and build a loyal audience.

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